February 4, 2019

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November 22, 2016

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A Reiki Experience

February 4, 2019



Have you ever wondered what the experience of having Reiki feels like? Every individuals experience of Reiki is different and it varies each time you have it. I often find it very difficult to put into words what I personally experience when I have a treatment. As a practitioner I find it easy to describe what I feel giving the treatment but being the recipient is harder to describe!


My love Ry received a Reiki treatment recently from the wonderful Ian at Cornish Reiki Paradise and afterwards he felt compelled to write down what he felt during the session. Whilst remembering that all of our experiences will be different  it is still quite powerful to read what Ry felt as all his experiences have common themes that my clients describe regularly during my Reiki practice.


Here is what he wrote:


"You may begin with a cluttered mind, full of everyday thoughts. Worries, to-do’s, musings, what ifs. The general wonderings of a modern life both positive and negative. Jumping quickly from one thing to the other with no pattern, often back and forth, with no obvious connections between thoughts.


As your breathing naturally slows into a more rhythmic pattern under the Reiki, you unconsciously begin to link some thoughts together and the more vivid aspects and ideas come to the fore. Often manifesting as people who are important, you will likely see or feel that they are members of your family (real or not). You may see yourself in the first person in a place you find peaceful to be alone. Somewhere open, maybe a mountainside or the beach, the desert or the open ocean.


Calmer feelings and thoughts become more organised and the insignificant worries are shed or cast aside. Your mind begins to open more as space is freed, allowing imagination to take hold. This is the longest phase as you allow yourself to explore each meaningful, positive idea in more detail, coming back to a central theme or idea each time before exploring the next.


As you feel each idea has been explored your mind feels calm and you remember how you felt at the start which makes you realise how much calmer your mind is now. Imagine a still pond in the morning or evening light. A mist hovers at the surface, which is reflecting like glass with just the occasional gentle breeze rippling the surface. As you accept each idea, it passes and the mist clears a little more, eventually leaving clear air above the water.


With your thoughts addressed, a clear mind allows you to slip into a more euphoric or day-dream state. You may feel yourself waking up from a micro-sleep or you may drift off into a deeper sleep. Behind your eyelids you see silhouettes and shapes drifting across your vision like clouds in the night sky. Sometimes they remind you of something or someone – allowing you to briefly revisit an idea you had, and be in control to allow it to pass peacefully before the next shape enters your vision.


With this introspective state of mind, you become more aware of the Reiki healing your bones, warming your blood, soothing your muscles and cleansing whatever needs to be cleansed. You’re aware of an utter calmness.

Near the end, waves of satisfaction wash over your eyes and down your body, leaving your toes into the air. You become more and more aware of your consciousness until you gently wake up.


You may feel the need to write down your thoughts and feelings. Your mind will have a unique state of clarity, allowing you to purge these thoughts quickly and easily. Re