February 4, 2019

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November 22, 2016

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Resolutions You Will LOVE!! Xx

December 27, 2017


Resolutions you will LOVE!! (Every day is a new day, this doesn’t just have to be done at New Year!)


Instead of guilting or pressuring ourselves into New Years Resolutions why don’t we look at things in a different way and promise ourselves we will do some things we REALLY LOVE !!


Life can be tricky enough without us forcing ourselves into doing things that don’t come naturally to us and this can start to feel like a burden and a chore. Lets face it how many of us have made and broken New Years Resolutions within the first month?!


The concept of thinking ahead and wanting to create better habits is brilliant though! I think it is a great time for us to reflect on what we want and make it happen.


I propose however that all of our intentions and resolutions should be things we LOVE!!!


In the following series of blogs I am going to concentrate on self-care and self-love and suggest some ways that we can make exciting and loving intentions for ourselves.


We will focus on Mind, Body and Spirit and the ways within each that we do things that will benefit us and make us happier and healthier. The best bit though….. It won’t feel like any effort at all because we will all LOVE what we are doing!! If you don’t love it what’s the point?!


So why not start to think about some things that you have wanted to do for so long but maybe haven’t got round to, haven’t had time for, haven’t prioritised or maybe you haven’t thought were that important. They ARE IMPORTANT!! Get a bit of paper or your phone and scribble things down before you read the next blog and why not get a pal involved too? I would also really enjoy hearing about what you love if you would enjoy sharing :) Let me know if you fancy hearing what my intentions are too! It would be great to connect with you xx


It is so important that we understand that making ourselves happy isn’t selfish, it is essential and we are are so much more helpful, loving, supportive and stronger when we are happy ourselves.


Who agrees?


Please keep your eyes peeled for the following blogs about how we can all do some bloody brilliant things for ourselves in 2018 without guilt, stress, pressure or duty.


Lots of love to you all,


Kirst Xxx