February 4, 2019

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November 22, 2016

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Laughter is the best medicine!!

May 28, 2017


Go on, have a laugh!!


We all know our mood is improved when we have been laughing and as a result our worries and frustrations can lessen.


Laughing stimulates hormones called catecholamines which in turn release endorphins (commonly known as the feel good factor) and this results in us feeling happier, more relaxed and therefore a good tool to relieve stress, anxiety and also help boost our energy.


Research undertaken at Texas A & M University found that humour leads to increased hopefulness and can help to fight negative thoughts.


Not only does laughing benefit your mind but it is also thought to work as a painkiller and help people withstand discomfort. One study run by UCLA found results that children watching funny programmes increased their tolerance for pain.

Other research has shown that the body’s natural level of killer cells is increased through laughter and it has been calculated that 20seconds of chuckling could be as good for our lungs as 3 minutes on a rowing machine.


So try and make sure you have humour in your life whether that is through comedy, meeting up with friends for a giggle or whatever it is for you that makes you chuckle!!


You may wish to get involved with laughter therapy. If so visit :-laughtertherapy.org.uk or laughternetwork.co.uk.


Lots of love and kind regards,


Jan xxx