February 4, 2019

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November 22, 2016

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The benefits of natural skincare explained! xx

March 1, 2017


What are the benefits of natural skincare?


By using natural Earth-friendly skincare products you can lovingly care for yourself and the planet at the same time.


Of course, true holistic beauty comes from within but being kind to your body, the environment, plants and animals is an act of beauty itself!


To keep your skin in a healthy state, there are a number of factors to consider, including a natural water-rich wholesome diet, access to fresh air and intelligent sun exposure. Using beautiful lotions and potions is of course only part of the picture!


How do you know if natural skincare is for you?


If you:

  • Have sensitive skin or are concerned about using toxic toiletries on your children

  • Care for our planet and the rights of the people, animals and plants that live here

  • Are concerned about the pollution of our air and water

  • Support fair trade and are opposed to testing on animals

  • Are uncomfortable with the synthetics, petro-pharmaceuticals, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals and animal products that can end up in commercial skincare products

  • Have a low-impact lifestyle and believe hand-made is best

  • Love fragrant herbs, spices and flowers

  • Encourage environmentally-responsible growing, harvesting and felling

  • Are unhappy with the false claims and pseudo science of the beauty industry


Caring for our skin holistically


 It is important to remember that the skin, just like every other part of the body is self-repairing and self-maintaining. Our skincare products can only do so much, no matter how organic or natural they are! We are literally built from the raw materials we consume, so if we want super healthy flawless skin, we have to eat a super-healthy flawless diet high in water-rich, nutrient-rich fresh, natural foods.

 Our skincare products are only playing a secondary part in creating the health and beauty of our skin.

 The best thing we can do for our skin is feed it healthily from the inside, and cleanse and nourish it from the outside.


 When deciding what products to make or use, it is a good idea to bear in mind these two concepts:

  1. Less is more, the fewer products and the fewer ingredients in each product, the better it is for your skin – the body processes simpler products more quickly and easily. Also if there are fewer ingredients it is easy to pinpoint those that your skin loves and perhaps those that may cause a reaction.

  2. If you wouldn’t want it inside your body, don’t put it on your skin – remember the skin is the largest organ of the body and whilst it has a limited absorptive capacity, it is unknown exactly what that capacity actually is for each individual chemical.





If any of the above has struck a chord with you please do let me know, I am also keen to share some natural recipes for skincare products that you can all try. Please do let me know what you would be particularly interested in making :)


Some of the above info was sourced from “The Holistic Beauty Book” by Star Khechara which is an incredibly beautiful and informative book.


All of the 100% natural, handmade, chemical and cruelty free products that we use in our treatments are sourced from local Cornish company www.bskincare.co.uk please check them out!!!