February 4, 2019

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November 22, 2016

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Natural remedies for the common cold xx

December 5, 2016



How tedious are colds? The lurgy, sniffles, plague, man flu or whatever you call it in your household is a real pain. We still have to carry on with our day to day lives whilst feeling heavy, sluggish and miserable, well fear not! Read on for some natural solutions which offer an alternative to medication.


“Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts that can be easily added to a bath or gently inhaled, to boost the immune system and help ward off colds and flu during the colder months,” states Mary Dalgleish, vice president of the FHT (Federation of Holisitic Therapists).

By promoting healing and stimulating the immune system, the appropriate essential oils can have a significant impact on the way we feel.

Mary advises “A warm bath combining Epsom salt and essential oils at the first sign of a cold or flu can often stop the symptoms developing.” “The best oils to use have antiviral and antiseptic properties, such as ravensara, eucalyptus, niaouli or tea tree. Mix together up to five drops of your chosen essential oils with a teaspoon of sunflower oil, then stir through a large mug of Epsom salts and add to bathwater.”


She also advises that “A steam inhalation is also great when you have a cold. Add two or three drops of your chosen essential oil to a bowl of hot (not boiling) water and inhale for five to ten minutes. Drape a towel over your head to keep the steam in but keep your eyes closed, as essential oils can cause a burning sensation to the eyes.” ( I have found this out the hard way on a number of occasions!)

“Gently inhaling ravensara or eucalyptus is another quick and easy way to clear the sinuses when you are out and about. Simply add one or two drops of essential oil to a tissue and inhale.”


Alternatively or as well as the above, if you really feel you need to switch off and relax you can book in with us for a full body aromatherapy massage. You will have a full consultation beforehand so that we can tailor the blend of essential oils to make the treatment the most beneficial to you.


Keep warm and don’t let the common cold get you down this winter!


Lots of love and kind regards,

Kirst XXX