February 4, 2019

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How to beat insomnia without medication

November 22, 2016

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How to deal with Christmas stress (naturally)

November 27, 2016


Do you find the pressure to be having a "wonderful time" a bit overwhelming at Christmas?


We often want everything to be perfect, whether it be the Christmas dins (I only cook a roast once or twice a year so have no idea what I'm doing!), the prezzies, the decorations, the house being tidy etc etc the list goes on!!


Well fear not there are some really simple things you can do as the festive season approaches and maybe you could ,dare I say,  ENJOY IT!! After all that's what it's all about isn't it?!


Why not read on to find out a little bit more about some holistic and natural ways of managing stress and anxiety.


Have you ever tried reflexology?


It is an ancient Chinese practice and is a fantastic holistic therapy for managing anxiety.Reflex points in the hands and feet are correlated to other parts of the body and when these points are massaged they can relieve tension and treat illness.

For centuries, Chinese practitioners have used reflexology to balance qi, the life force energy which flows through the body, to treat many conditions from insomnia to fertility issues and stress. Vicci Cole of Healing Kneads states that "Reflexology can ease specific conditions and improve your general wellbeing." "Stress responds really well to the practice. Reflexology helps restore equilibrium re-balance the mind, body and soul, and trigger the body's own ability to self heal."


How to do it at home:

Breathe in slowly and exhale very gently and slowly whilst using your thumb it put rotational pressure on the point where your thumb and forefinger become a V on the other hand. This may feel a little uncomfortable initially but will ease with time.

You can also gently massage the top section of your big toe or thumb to help aid stress with gentle pressure.

Recognise how you feel before and after and see if you notice a difference.


If you are curious about reflexology or already convinced of its incredible healing properties then why not book in with us for a gorgeous soothing hour long session.


Another tool we can use against stress and anxiety is aromatherapy.


This has been used for centuries to balance wellbeing and seeing as essential oils are made from plant extracts you can't get much more natural than that!

Nicole Barton, consultant aromatherapist at Base Formula states that "as long as the oil's molecules work their way into your bloodstream, either via your sense of smell or through skin application, they can help you feel calm."


How to do it at home:

You can diffuse essential oils mixed with water which will give your home a gorgeous scent whilst relaxing your body and mind as you inhale it. Try a few drops of lavender (sweet marjoram or chamomile) with sweet orange and ylang ylang.


Alternatively or as well as the above, if you really feel you need to switch off and relax you can book in with us for a full body aromatherapy massage. You will have a full consultation beforehand so that we can tailor the blend of essential oils to make the treatment the most beneficial to you.


Try not to get your baubles in a twist and if you need us you know where we are!!


Kind regards,


Kirst XXX